Hello! This guide is designed to help teach you everything there is to know about Amazon Kindle Fire. Over the course of this guide we will look into all of the features that make the Kindle Fire so special. Kindle Fire Tablets

It’s an incredible device with so many incredible features. Did you know Kindle Fire is the number one selling best product? It earned over 10,000 reviews from satisfy customers. It still remains the number one best seller in Amazon till this day.  I felt in love with my Kindle and would like to share with you all the wonderful benefits of this great tablet.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Kindle Fire HD Tablet I have also created another page for it. This page will go more in depth of the features, cost, and new features on this wonderful affordable tablet. 

Kindle Fire Features:

The Amazon Kindle Fire is a 7” tablet that can perform a variety of different functions. On our website you can find a variety of articles which describe in detail some of the functions of this device and what you can use it for. It’s a very affordable tablet and very friendly user.  I have enlisted a list of the main features of the tablet.

The Kindle Fire specs:

-        Android operating system

-        Dual core processor with very fast speeds for a tablet

-        Wi-Fi Internet capability

-        7 inch color screen

-        Free Amazon cloud storage

-        Lightweight outer shell

-        High resolution screen and extreme portability

-        Competitive price for the current tablet market

-        Extra Long Battery

-        Massive Book Selection

-        Exclusive Kindle Titles

-        Connect To Your Corporate Email

-        Set Screen Limits For Parents

-        Audio Titles

In addition, the new Kindle Fire screen is set out to be tough and durable as any other leading tablets on market.

Kindle Tips: Are you having difficulty changing the background image on your start screen? Follow these steps by steps tutorials on how to customize your start screen with your own original pictures.

 Extreme Portability Without Having To Squint:

The Amazon Kindle Fire is smaller than an Apple iPad but also much bigger than your average smart phone. With a 7” screen you can see just about anything that you need to see on the tablet and use it for a variety of different methods. The Kindle Fire is small enough to fit in a purse and light enough for your convenience to be portable. The device is great for the person on the go for browsing, reading, shopping, listening to music, or simply playing games.

amazon kindle fire

Kindle Tips: Did you know the new Kindle Fire HD has 25 percent less glare due to new custom laminated touch sensor that adjust for better viewing both indoor and outdoor.

Best Selling Applications And New Editions:

With a 7” screen you also have room to actually use the touchscreen as it is intended. You can easily use it to browse webpages and have more control over games and applications with a larger screen than a smart phone.  

Go ahead and downloads the best selling games as Angry Birds, Where’s My Perry, and other exclusive android games. In addition, you will have access to the most popular free apps such as Pinterest, Facebook, Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Pandora, The Weather Channel, and many more.  In addition, with the new amazon software feature you will benefit from X-ray for books, X-ray for movies, immersion readers, whispersync for voice, and time features for kids.

Kindle fire tablet

Extremely lightweight

Other types of tablets can be a bit cumbersome to hold for long periods. The Amazon Kindle Fire is just under a pound so you can easily hold up the device with one hand or rested on your lap comfortably. Many of the cases available for the tablet also come with kick stands that allows you to place it on a surface and use the tablet without holding it.

 Another great quality about the Kindle Fire is built to stand up to accidental bumps and scrapes. The display case that surrounds the Kindle Fire is 30 times harder than regular plastic so it will stand up to accidental drops and your kids can play with it with out worrying.

Kindle Fire Picture Quality


Kindle Tips: Ever since I receive my new Kindle I have tried to keep it in mint condition. At time is hard when my nephews grab my tablet and they accidentally drop it. Here are some ways you can protect your Kindle Fire screen.



Picture quality:

The picture quality on the Amazon Kindle Fire is excellent. Any of the images displayed are picture perfect and just the same as they would like on your laptop. The in plane switching technology also works quite well, so that you can view the screen from any angle without losing any of the picture quality.  The picture and video display great quality since it has high resolution. It’s a great pleasure to use the Kindle Fire to view pictures and browse videos.

Kindle Fire Tablet

The screen is best seen in doors and outdoor lighting can sometimes reflects from the screen and make it a bit hard to see but this is a minor issue if you mostly use the tablet inside. The picture below is a screenshot of my favorite games, Angry Birds. The screenshot below looks very clear and the colors are incredible. 

Speed of the tablet

The dual core processor makes the Amazon Kindle Fire quite a speed demon. Some earlier versions of Amazon’s tablets were not anywhere near this fast. With the type of processor that you can find in the kindle fire you can achieve similar speeds to many laptops or newer smart phones running the android operating system.

Running high definition video, surfing the web, and using many of the applications that can be found within the Amazon market can be done with ease by this tablet and its dual core processor.  You will be able to move seamlessly across apps and open pages quickly with a simple touch with out freezing or loosing speed.  The Kindle Fire has a new powerful processor of 1.2 Ghz and 1GB RAM. 

Stacking up against the competition:

This is one of the best android tablets available on the market. At only $159 this is a much cheaper option than an iPad at less than half the price. If you are looking for a great deal on an excellent tablet you should really consider the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire

Now that you know a little bit about some of the specifications that the kindle fire has to offer, consider checking to the list to see all of the great things that you can do with this tablet. In addition, check out how to customize your Kindle Fire backgrounds.